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A really great time saver!

This has been a great option for our family! The app has had a few hiccups off and on, but mostly has worked flawlessly!

Just what I needed

I lost my inhaler, the doctor was happy to refill my prescription and I was happy that I didn't have to pay those high copay costs at an urgent care. Site has fulfilled its purpose with this patient!


Every time I try and schedule an appointment, the app crashes. It’s useless

Super easy and quick service

This was a lifesaver! I would have had to wait 24-48 hours to get an office visit and then would have had to take off work to do it. From start to finish my appointment was about 10 minutes and I’m on my way to recovery. Thank you so much!

Love this service

Love the ease and convenience of this service plus I have no copay :)

Excellent Care!

Our insurance provider recommended we use this app. We love being able to select the Doctor we are going to see. Excellent care in our home.

Great experience!

It is wonderful to be able to do this from home. The doctor was great. It did not take very much time (15 minutes). I will definitely do this again.

Having no issues with the app

Great app so far!

Sick visit

I was very pleased with prompt & professional service. I was able to work the whole day, receive care/prescriptions needed. Love this service & will definitely use again if needed. Of course hope we don’t, much prefer being healthy.

Easy peas....

Omg I was dreading getting dressed and driving to an urgent care, just to get antibiotics for what I KNOW is a sinus infection. Spoke with the doctor and had my Z-pack called in within 10 minutes, from start to finish. I’ve had about 100 sinus infections and am VERY familiar with the symptoms. I hate having to take time off work, drive time, wait time at an urgent care, wait time at the pharmacy, just to get antibiotics when I KNOW what I have. I’m self employed and having to move clients around and take unpaid tome off is the worst! This is my new go-to, for sure. Connection was great, wait on the system was less than 5 minutes... while I sat on my enclosed porch with my dog, watching a storm. What a Godsend this service is.

Fast, easy, inexpensive from the comfort of home.

I love this service. I was able to book an appointment at 2am in the morning without notice and I was able to see a doctor immediately. The Doctor was friendly, knowledgeable, fast, efficient and his demeanor set me at ease. I would recommend LiveHealth to my family and friends and to anyone who wants to save time and money on medical expenses. For $49 you can book an appointment last minute, 24 hours a day and receive immediate help from a qualified physician who can prescribe the medication you need. All this is done, from the comfort of your home. Now, that’s first class service!

Not being to sign up

I downloaded the app but I can’t sign up it’s saying this service is not available please advice ???

Quick and easy

I’m glad this was available as saving half my day to see a doctor at an office was great. Professional easy and quick the picture option is great as I know it was hard for me to take a picture it would be harder for the dr to see through the app. This was for a simple illness.

Brent-Safety Director

Our insurance company was promoting this and it is awesome! I just used it myself and it was so easy!

Outstanding Treatment

What a convenience! $20 for a simple visit to deal with day to day issues. If your finger gets chopped off this is definitely not the right option. But if you have a cold, sore throat or something minor of that nature this is perfect. Quick easy and cheap!


Every time I have needed to use this service I have had a wonderful doctor to talk with. I was made to feel like I was being listened to and that they were happy to help. Sometimes it takes a little while before your session begins but even with the small wait it’s faster than going to urgent care! I love the people I have interacted with and would recommend this app to anyone!

Love this service !

Sometimes the need is small but the service is always spectacular! Life gets busy and sometimes it’s hard to keep appointments. This app just simply makes life easier. It is fast, convenient , and the providers are always wonderful.

Top Notch

This is an awesome service! My connection was delayed but that wasn’t the app connection. Love the service!

Great option! Fantastic service!

Really impressed with this app. Easy to use!

I probably won’t use it again

Update: they refunded the charge but I found the overall experience to be nothing more than a waste of time. As for the app, it was simple enough to use. If you need amoxicillin or cough medicine it’s probably ok. Original review: Doctor charged even though he could not provide services. This app is ridiculous. It is a horrible waste of money. Edit: I called after receiving the developer response. The person on the phone put in a refund request. I will wait for the answer before changing the review. Another thing. Both the “doctor” (the useless person who charged me $49 to say he couldn’t provide me with the service I was paying for) and the person on the phone said that the website says which services are and are not available. I checked all over the app but could not find that information. I did not use a website. I used the app.


When my asthma flares up, I hate going to the Dr’s office. This was my first time using this and I loved it. It took longer to set up the account then it did to be seen. My medication is already sent to my pharmacy and by tomorrow I will be feeling so much better. Great service and cheaper than urgent care!!

Healthy people that want you to be healthy

All the doctors I’ve seen have been wonderful and caring. I’m so pleased that this service exists! They cover all possible problems and seem to know the latest information. When I think about how many old fat, pompous, dumb doctors in my community, I wonder if they have any desire to help anyone but themselves to seconds at the dinner table. These are healthy people that want you to be healthy.


I’m a student and a full time worker. It’s difficult to find the time to make an appointment with a physician and go. I have asthma, and usually just need a simple refill on my albuterol. It’s silly and time consuming for me to make an appointment to see a doctor for this. This service has really helped me out. I’m so happy to have it. It’s so simple but makes my life so easy. They also give me a few refills I can call in at my local pharmacy, so I don’t have to keep coming back. Problem solved 🙏🏼

So Easy and Not Scary

I have phone anxiety, so I was honestly a bit terrified to use this service - but it ended up being the most pleasant medical “visit” ever. The doctor was friendly, listened to my symptoms, and immediately sent a prescription to my pharmacy. The entire process took less than 5 minutes. I’m a teacher, and there’s no way I could miss work in the first week of school for a doctor’s visit. If it weren’t for LiveHealth, I probably wouldn’t have gotten treatment at all. Thanks for a great service!

A Patient

This is the first time I use this medical online service. The Physician that treated me was very professional and compassionate. In a matter of minutes I was diagnosed, prescribed meds and provided with a doctors note for work. This is an excellent service especially for those that don’t have transportation or time to wait in a doctors office. I highly recommend this service to anyone that is in need of medical assistance. Thank you.


I have used this app 4 different times now and I am very pleased at the service I receive.

Excellent Care for Non Medical Emegency

Got in quickly. Doctor was caring and listened. Easiest doctors appointment ever.

Quick & convenient doctor visits from anywhere, any time

Love the convenience of not having to leave my home or work when sick to see a doctor. So quick and easy!

Easy service to use

The service was very easy to use and the physician was very professional. I would certainly consider using this option again.

User friendly

First time user and very pleased. Great resource

Great experience!!

So glad we were able to use the app!

Horrible app

Waited for 30 minutes then got kicked out of the wait screen. Then got a notification my provider was waiting with no way to get back to the visit. Truly horrible.

Excellent App

Save me in going to ER or Urgent Care

App constantly crashes

I used this app successfully about 9 months ago. When I opened it to show someone how convenient it is, the app crashed each time I made a category selection(doctor/psychologist, etc.). Deleting and reinstalling the app made no difference. At this point, the app is completely useless.

So easy!!

This was a fantastic alternative to making an appointment and office visit for something that wasn’t an emergency. So happy I could be seen from my kitchen!

Doesn’t work

App crashes since downloaded. Anything i try to do app completely shuts down

Easy and helpful

So easy to use this - stay in your pajamas and get help in minutes. So much better than going to urgent care and being exposed to other sicknesses on top of your own. Very caring and efficient doctors. Highly recommend!!

No help

I paid 90$ for the DR to tell me that I need to go to a urgent care. Took like one minute of his time. Wish I got paid like that.


Useful and fast. Better than calling our usual practice. They couldn’t give us an appointment until after the week-end and the only solution they had was to go to an emergency place. A bit too much for an earache. So LiveHealth has been the best answer for our needs.

Great app!

I had a pretty obvious case of pink eye. The process to see the doctor and get prescribed medicine took about 4 minutes. Excellent experience and app!!

Intro Video

This is a perfect solution for busy schedules or in my case, a traveling occupation. However, after several weeks of use I find the Intro Video extremely annoying. An option to skip video would be a welcomed enhancement.


I tried to sign up, put in all my information and verified it’s accuracy. A pop up told me most of my information matched but not all of it. I checked my name, my email, my gender, my insurance plan and member ID, all correct. I can’t imagine medical help you provide if I can’t even sign in with correct information!

Never was connected

I was in need of a Dr because my daughter was having bronchial coughing and it was late Sunday evening. I was online for over an hour and a half. Then I finally got connected and waited for at least 15 more minutes because the dr was loading her video. Then she disconnected the session!!! Waste of time!! I was very frustrated!!!


so convenient for me! Loved my physician and the entire process was stress less!

Great Experience

I am in between insurance coverage. I know I have an infection. I called, gave my symptoms, the Doctor was very through, asked lots of questions. She prescribed some antibiotics. Easy and I will follow up with my doctor when I get my coverage back. Highly Recommend.. $49 is a lot cheaper than $2000 in the ER!

Easy and helpful

I love this app. Everyone in my family has used it and it truly has been such a wonderful benefit to have.


I have used this app twice now. I live out in the country so doctors are 30 plus minutes away. There is hardly a wait time & the doctors are thorough. Thanks for providing this great app.

Great service!

It saved me a trip to Urgent Care for a UTI. It was great to see her, from the comfort of home.

A great experience

Considering that I have been so sick to get myself to a doctors office or urgent care, the on line visit was the best alternative. The set up of the app was easy. The wait was not long. The doctor (Muhammad Saadrie) was attentive and I found the experience very helpful.

Instant care

We are on vacation and my son developed symptoms of swimmers ear just before bed. We were able to speak with a doctor in the middle of the night, to call in medicine as soon as the pharmacy opens in the morning. So convenient and allowed me to worry a little less.

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