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It doesn’t work at all

It doesn’t work at all, Every time you click in visit Doctor, the app disappears!!

No office no exposure

Loved how easy it was to work with my online doctors. App was easy to use and it was really fast


I am not one to review on Apple but I just have to with this app. I cannot believe I am just now discovering this. This app is a huge time saver. My insurance does not cover the service, which without insurance is still very affordable at $49 per visit. I tried calling my doctor but was told I needed to come in by a very rude medical staff. Being that I can’t walk because of cramps, it was a total inconsiderate request since I know exactly why I am in pain (UTI). So I decided to use Live Health Online — amazing. Got to talk face to face (sort of) with a doctor within 5 minutes and he was able to answer all of my questions. My prescription was sent to my pharmacy right away as we spoke. Telehealth is the future! Love it.

Great app! Perfect when kids are sick!

Used this app for the first time when my daughter had pick eye. Fast, easy and no waiting in a dr office with a bunch of other sick kids.

I love this app but please fix the bugs.

I’m so grateful for this app and the convenience it gives. The past 4 times I’ve used it, there are many technical difficulties. My session keeps freezing, there are audio issues (clicking sounds and pausing) and it kicks me out at least once or twice per session, taking away time I could using for my appointment. Please iron out the kinks. Thank you.

2 Thumbs Up for LHO

In my area, seeing a doctor is a process which includes making an appointment (usually in the next two days), the time it takes to see the doctor and waiting in his or her waiting room. All land it represents about a two hour process. LHO took care of everything and five minutes including the writing of a prescription which was sent to my local pharmacy by the doctor. I can’t express how thankful I am for live health online. It might seem odd the first time you use it, yet it gets better with each use. This is my fourth experience for myself and my daughter has used it twice. Both with the same results.


Very good experience, & helpful because we were on vacation far from home


It’s 2am, I am on vacation and suffering from a SEVERE sinus infection. Set up the app, waited about 4 minutes, met with Dr. Beach and immediately she sent a prescription to the pharmacy. I was cared for and treated all in less then 25 minutes (15 of those minutes were spent driving to the pharmacy). No urgent care fees, no ER fees. Life saver


Great visit friendly Dr. easy to set up and done.

Easy and convenient!

This is the best and easiest way to speak to a health care provider! I’ve used this app twice now for a cold sore breakout and a UTI. The doctor just FaceTimed with me and asked me some questions and then called in my prescriptions! I was done in less than 5 minutes each time and the cost was only $15 for my co-pay!

Saves time and $ over Urgent Care

Doctor was great and after 10 minutes I had a diagnosis and prescription sent in to the pharmacy. App functioned very well. Highly recommended

Easy and saves a trip to ER or Urgent care

I’ve used this app three times over the last year and it’s a great way to save a trip to urgent care where you will be exposed to sickness and viruses. The doctors have always been very nice and helpful.

Incredibly user friendly

Setup was fast, doctor was prompt, courteous and friendly. Will definitely keep using the app and tell everyone about it.

Best improvement to medicine in Years!!!

I get chronic sinus infections, and I always know what is happening when one comes on! It is so nice to be able to video chat with a physician and not have to worry about catching something from others at the clinic! It takes less time and I have been very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the doctors! This is the best app ever!!

So Easy

I was surprised at how easy and fast it was. A little wait for the doctor, as I was 2nd in line, however she was worth the wait!! Nice, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Plus, the comfort of my sofa, as I am not feeling well anyway. I will definitely be using them from now on. Highly recommend.

Soooo much easier than going into the office!!

Being able to talk to a doctor & treat your issue as soon as symptoms appear vs having to make an appointment & get in is amazing & time saving. Highly recommend!!!


Doctor Sandy Wiita was amazing, informative and took great care of our needs

Love this option!

I woke up to a UTI at 4:00 am, went on this app, spoke to a doctor and had a prescription when the pharmacy opened. Since the ACA our insurance has been very expensive and doesn’t really cover anything until the outrageous deductible has been met. I love this app for its affordability and convenience. For minor healthcare issues this is my first choice 👍

So helpful. Game changer!

I was bed ridden with the flu. So hard as I have a baby and my husband works long hours. I just wasn’t getting better. Rather than trying to venture out in the rain with my baby to find an urgent care facility I was able to video chat with a Doctor from bed and have my husband pick up the prescription on the way home. I feel blessed that we live in an age with health care so easily available.


I have utilized this for minor issues and it has been wonderful!!!! Totally awesome, honestly. I love to see a Dr right at home. Now of course if I have a issue that is more than a cold or something simple then I go to the actual dr. But for minor issues, I love it!!!!

First time user

Quick easy and effective especially while on the road. Highly recommended.

Just what I needed

I didn't have time to be sick or go to the doctor. I am packing to go out of town for 2 weeks. I had an allergic reaction and knew what Rx I needed, for the most part. So glad this was an option for me.


Can they diagnose injuries or vitamin deficiency

Convenient but Pricey

This is a very convenient app to get less serious medical services. I can speak to doctors on the weekends and after standard business hours. However, I notice that the copays are twice that of my insurance plan. You pay for the convenience. If you have paid medical leave through your employer, then this may not be worth it if you could get timely in-person appts.

Health Visit in my PJ’s

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen the providers at Live Health Online. For me and my kids. Now my husband’s employer has added it to his insurance benefit. Invaluable service that keeps us away from other sick germs in an office and keeps me from having to take off work to visit a doctor. GREAT SERVICE and great doctors.

Dr. Sandy is great and kind and efficient this is an awesome tool to use.

Great idea so accessible!

Great idea bad experience

While this is a wonderful idea the experience was absolutely terrible. I rushed home from work to meet with my appointed clinician at the scheduled meeting only to receive a message at the appointed time that the clinician was no longer available. It would have been great to receive a message prior to the scheduled appointment that the clinician was not available and not when the appointment was to occur. I was really looking forward to my session. Had I not showed up I would have been charged a no show fee. Waste of time.

Strep Throat Diagnosed

So thankful to not have to go in when feeling this badly! Love this experience.

Sinus infection

Travel to Asia and other places often. Have low immune system and starting in with major sinus infection before upcoming trip. Doctor was knowledgeable and helpful and understood my concerns. Will definitely use this service again.

Other services are better and I’m disappointed

I was forced to switch to this service due to my job changing our telemedicine provider. I use this service for mental health services because through my job there is not copay. Originally i was happy to learn that they offer same day mental health appointments, my excitement has since stopped. There are a limited supply of psychiatrists and they are always booked a month or more out. I scheduled my original appointment in February and have since been rescheduled by the Dr all the way out to the end of May and have never been seen. When I called about (2x) nothing has been done. Just “sorry about that we’ll file a complaint” and that’s it. The last service I used understood the importance of psychiatric appointments and made sure to reschedule within the same week, they don’t care. I called about another issue due to a confusing email i received. I was on the phone for an hour before a supervisor finally agreed to actually see why i got the email. Customer service is a joke and they don’t seem to care to resolve issues The only saving grace is that i have a psychologist that i actually like. I’m going to take all of my issues to my HR department because if this is the service my company is paying for they should know that it may not be the greatest idea to renew the contract.

Easy and fast

I’ve had so many simple UTIs, I can pretty much diagnose them on my own. It got really old going back and forth to time consuming office appointments for something I know could be over with in less than 5 minutes. That hassle and lack of time has kept me with the same UTI for months on the past... but not anymore. For these simple infections, LHO lets me speak with a doctor (of my choice) and begin a course of treatment in around 10 minutes. The wait is usually no longer than 2 minutes and the doctors I have seen all had good bedside manner. For those common sense occasions where you know you should see someone in person...take your health seriously and go see the doctor. For the rest of the day to day sinus infections, UTIs, and sore throats, this app is a godsend.


This service is very easy to use, and has good tech support as I was disconnected and very quickly reconnected. Great service for quick and easy issues, was able to take a pic of the affected area and sent to the doctor. Much better than waiting in a traditional setting!

Great for travelers

We are camping for several months and I used this app to have a rash looked at. The service and the Dr. were great and it worked perfectly. Great to have in your back pocket as you travel.

Previously happy with the service, but.....

Signed in today for a rosacea flare up. After explaining my symptoms to the physician, we discussed treatment options and decided on a topical antibiotic. I was familiar with the medication, as I had previously taken it with excellent results. When I called the pharmacy to confirm, I was surprised to find that another script had been called in instead of the agreed upon medication. I decided to review the notes from the visit to see if I had overlooked something, and was again surprised to find another diagnosis in addition to the rosacea. Apparently I’ve been diagnosed with bilateral sinusitis (which I don’t have), and prescribed a whole litany of meds that I do not need. It could be as simple as a mixup with another patients chart but, when dealing with medications, an innocent mixup could be fatal. I would still encourage others to utilize the service as it is wonderful to have access to an MD 24 hours a day without leaving your home, I would just recommend that you guys always review the notes from the visit to check for inaccuracies!

Grateful for the service!!

So far I've used the service multiple times for multiple family members. Skin conditions, Strep, and mental health services. Really grateful for this service. It has been a huge help for my busy family.

Quick and easy

I was seen by Dr. Caverhill and she was pleasant and professional. I only waited about 2 minutes before being connected with Dr. Caverhill. The app was easy to maneuver. And my overall experience was great. I’m glad I did not have to drive to an Urgent Care clinic.

Fast doctor access

Saves time Fast access No trips to office and waiting with others coughing on you Great service

Great so far

I have used this service twice with great results. I’ve spoken with a family practice physician and a nurse practitioner in family practice. In both cases my experience was very positive with successful results. I plan on seeing a specialist via this format in the near future. LiveHealthOnline is endorsed by my health care system. I found out about it on the home page of their website. I am charged the same copay as an in office visit.

Easy to use, received fast and professional care!

Very convenient! Was able to see a Doctor in far less time than it would take to wait in an emergency room without the exposure to any of the germs that you find in such places. The doctor was very friendly, patient and professional, highly recommend using it.

Great first experience!

I had a great first experience with an online doc visit. I took my appointment from bed instead of having to trek to an urgent care center or beg to get into my PCP’s office for a minor eye infection. My only complaint is as I selected docs who showed as available and entered my info, they would be unavailable and not seeing patients by the time I completed the process. I had to reenter info. It would be nice to save your info for each visit so it could be accessed by the next doc if the current doc becomes unavailable. In the end, the visit lasted about 7 min, and I had my Rx phoned in without leaving home!

I feel better already

Overall a great experience. Apple Pay option to make it a remarkable experience.

Good experience!

Every time I have used the app it has been a good experience. Much quicker than going to urgent care which would have been my other option. Glad this is available/covered through insurance as it saves both of us money!


First time using service. Dr Reeves was amazing and the process was easy to follow. Will be using again

Exceeded my expectations!

Recommended and covered by our carrier, BCBS. When your sick, the last thing you want to do is sit in a waiting room. You can even pick the doctor you wish to see. Great app!!

Online doctor

I love that I can see a doctor immediately instead of having to make an appointment a few days later. Very caring doctors that are happy to help you.

Nice and easy when you are sick

This was a very easy application to navigate. It was nice not having to drive when you are sick.

Convenience and availability are superb!!!

I loved the Live Health App. It is really user friendly. You may include your PCP for any communication involving your visit with Live Health Online. The availability of a physician was very adequate, and I didn’t have I wait very long. You can roll through the various physicians, see reviews about the physician, a short biography, and learn about their experience and specialties. Then, you can select who you want to see! I did not have to spend time waiting in line at a physicians office for simple diagnoses such as allergies, sinus infections, etc. The doctor provided a course of treatment for my ailment. I loved the Application and will use it again! * See Doctor Rogers

Saved me a trip to Urgent Care!

I don't go to Urgent Care often, but when I do go 8 times out of 10, I'm told to take over-the-counter medicines or ibuprofen - which I'm already doing - and come back if it doesn't get better in a week. It's so frustrating, especially because the whole trip ends up taking a minimum of 1 hour. This app eliminates wasted time and provides you with the insight and comfort you need to get better, quicker.

If I could give 0 Stars I would

I called earlier this afternoon for cold/fly like symptoms and was told a prescription was sent over to the pharmacy of my choice. I showed up at the pharmacy 2 hours later and was told the prescription wasn’t signed and they could not get ahold of the doctor. My fiancé went after he got off work thinking it would be figured out, it wasn’t. And when I called to ask not to be charged for the appointment or prescription I was told there was no refund guarantee. It was frustrating and I will not be using again. The app has been deleted from my phone. Do yourself a favor and just go see an in person doctor.

This is amazing!

I have a terrible immune system and frequently get minor sicknesses (UTI, sinus infection, etc..) I hate taking hours out of my day just to wait for a prescription. This was so fast and easy for me! I saw a Dr. on my lunch break, she was very professional and understanding. It work less than 10 minutes to get what I needed. I’m so glad I found this!

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