LiveHealth Online Mobile アプリのレビュー

Convenience and availability are superb!!!

I loved the Live Health App. It is really user friendly. You may include your PCP for any communication involving your visit with Live Health Online. The availability of a physician was very adequate, and I didn’t have I wait very long. You can roll through the various physicians, see reviews about the physician, a short biography, and learn about their experience and specialties. Then, you can select who you want to see! I did not have to spend time waiting in line at a physicians office for simple diagnoses such as allergies, sinus infections, etc. The doctor provided a course of treatment for my ailment. I loved the Application and will use it again! * See Doctor Rogers

Saved me a trip to Urgent Care!

I don't go to Urgent Care often, but when I do go 8 times out of 10, I'm told to take over-the-counter medicines or ibuprofen - which I'm already doing - and come back if it doesn't get better in a week. It's so frustrating, especially because the whole trip ends up taking a minimum of 1 hour. This app eliminates wasted time and provides you with the insight and comfort you need to get better, quicker.

If I could give 0 Stars I would

I called earlier this afternoon for cold/fly like symptoms and was told a prescription was sent over to the pharmacy of my choice. I showed up at the pharmacy 2 hours later and was told the prescription wasn’t signed and they could not get ahold of the doctor. My fiancé went after he got off work thinking it would be figured out, it wasn’t. And when I called to ask not to be charged for the appointment or prescription I was told there was no refund guarantee. It was frustrating and I will not be using again. The app has been deleted from my phone. Do yourself a favor and just go see an in person doctor.

This is amazing!

I have a terrible immune system and frequently get minor sicknesses (UTI, sinus infection, etc..) I hate taking hours out of my day just to wait for a prescription. This was so fast and easy for me! I saw a Dr. on my lunch break, she was very professional and understanding. It work less than 10 minutes to get what I needed. I’m so glad I found this!

Be careful!!!

Signed up only to have the doctor tell me that per LiveHealth’s policy he could not do anything for me. He could take my money though. There was nothing stating they could not treat my issue. I tried to leave contact customer service but received a “mail delivery failure” notice each time. Thats why i decided to write the review.

I love this app!

I ran into some bugs but I love this app none the less. Instant doctor visits and prescriptions, more convenience, lower cost. I just saved $50 and at least an hour of my life. Nice!

First time using app

Great way to get help. Great doctor. Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated. Will use again

This is amazing and convenient

I have utilized this on so many occasions from the comfort of my home and from my office. It’s an excellent way to further avoid the spread of germs if you are sick.

Terrible experience-awful doctor

I had an ear infection and decided to try this program for its convenience. The doctor I was paired with was rude and unprofessional. My first glimpse of him on my screen was of him chugging a cup of coffee so I should’ve known it wouldn’t go well. He continually over-talked me after asking me a question and refused to let me speak. I ended up ending the call because of it. I’m also disappointed in being paired with an orthopedic dr for an ear ache. That was clearly not his area of expertise. This dr also sent a completely inaccurate follow up report after my visit. After my visit, I googled him and wasn’t at all surprised to see he has quite a few awful reviews. Don’t be tempted by the convenience of this app as I was. Please see a doctor face-to-face

Fast and works

Connection worked well even with 2 bars of signal. Doctor was to the point with questions and listened well. I recommend this to going to an urgent care for obvious situations.

Expensive home remedy

I have a sinus infection. Instead of a prescription, the doctor in this app told me to stand over a steaming pot of water... and charged me $35. I had to see a real doctor afterward for my antibiotic. I recommend choosing one of the apps that offer a refund if they aren’t able to send in a prescription for you (and I’m not even charging you $35 for that advice).

I love this app

It was great, didn’t have to wait long, the doctor was nice, and immediately knew what would make me feel better! Will definitely use it again!

Very very easy to use!

The app was very easy to use. The only thing that confused me was determining the cost of the appointment with the virtual doctor. I was nervous to click on a doctor because I thought it would schedule the visit right away but once you click the doctor it shows the cost and you can cancel the appointment with the doctor anytime time before they answer your call.

A great tool when you're pretty certain what's wrong with you.

This is great when you don't want to go in and be exposed to more germs or drag your family into a waiting room for hours.

Great service

Such a great service. If you're not feeling well you don't feel like going to the doctor's office or an urgent care center. This was great!

You’re basically FaceTiming a doctor!

You know how FaceTime always feels a little awkward while you’re ringing the other person but then the awkwardness goes away as soon as you’re connected? Yeah, that’s this experience. I was really apprehensive my first experience (in 2016) but I felt so sick I didn’t want to leave my bed. Plus, at the time it was the middle of winter in New England, peak flu season, and the paranoid new mom in me didn’t want to expose myself to those germs in the waiting room and bring them home to my brand new baby. But, as soon as I was connected to the doctor the awkwardness wasn’t there. My husband was then able to then go pickup my prescription- easy peasy! I’ve since used it at least a dozen times - being a teacher with a daughter in daycare I’m sick a lot! I recommend this service to everyone I work with, it’s so convenient!

Great service!!!

This was my first time using this service and my Doctor was so amazing. I wish I had her here in TX. She was very patient-focused and interested in my health as an individual not just another number.

App is full of glitches

I spent all this time entering my info, they take me to a available dr, and then it says he’s no longer available? Then it just freezes on that screen. I try to sign back in, it tells me my password is incorrect; press ‘forgot password’ and DOB defaults to today’s date and doesn’t allow you to change it. Worthless

Fast & Convienent

Used app for UTI, super quick, efficient and saved lots of time. No need to go in and wait for hours to get the same treatment. Thanks!!

Consistently Awful Service

I’ve been using this app for two years now (Spring 2016-Fall 2018) and its consistently been subpar. I’ve used it for both therapy and medical visits and while the people on the other side of the screen have always been professional, the service itself is poorly maintained. The desktop version is absolutely awful, and I’ve had close to a dozen visits with my therapist where the meeting had to be dropped because of errors either on the app or on the desktop. For some reason the developers decided to remove the ability to grab a therapist out of the waiting room, so when my meeting drops because of app glitches, I can’t just select my provider again. The app also hasn’t been updated to work on any new screen in several years. This app is trash, and I’m hoping my provider switches to Talkspace because I hear good things about that platform. The only reason I’m continuing to use this app is because I like my current therapist.


This was the easiest it has ever been to see a dr. The physician I saw was very professional and took care of my issue. Will recommend and use in the future!

Ok app. Awful service

App is ok. Better than browser. Providers are ok too. The live heath service and customer service are awful. I’ve been dealing with an escalation for now more than 45 days and the company is showing no urgency in rectifying the situation. Will never use this service again

A blessing!

My husband and I travel a lot. This app allows me to receive the services that I need when we are traveling. When we first started traveling a lot I lost a therapist that I felt I had a wonderful relationship with. I was growing quite a bit and it was quite deflating when I had to break that off. With this app I feel confident that that's not going to happen and that has increased my willingness to be fully committed. I believe that this has also enabled me to expect that my therapist will be committed to me also. We have the opportunities to have a true therapeutic relationship.

Smartest idea

Insurance coverage with a fair co-pay. Flu season is no place to be even at the doctors office. Fast and the doctor listens and you can give input and ask questions. One set up a visit is less than 10 min. And you perspiration is called into your pharmacy. Highly recommend it!!


App does not work. It’s a frustrating waste of time.

What a sham

I signed up for this thinking that it would be easier on me as I just got struck with the flu and I feel awful & didn’t feel comfortable driving to the doctors care. It took me the 4th time to get “seen” and when the doc “seen me” she stated to rest, drink fluids, and she would prescribe something for me & when I asked for a note for work and school, she said she would take care of it. Have not gotten any emails and there’s no prescription sent in to the pharmacy. Waste of time and money.

Not for pregnant women or breastfeeding moms

While this is a great service for most minor issues if you are pregnant or breastfeeding they basically can’t help you. I travel often for my job and have tried to use this service multiple times during my pregnancy and while nursing. Every time I’m told to contact my OB instead but of course the app still charges me for the useless visit. If I was home it wouldn’t be an issue but part of the beauty of this service to me was the ability to see a doctor no matter where I was traveling. Multiple times I’ve been told by the live health physicians to check with my doctor about being prescribed a medication but there’s no way for me to relay what I figured out from my doctor back to the live health physician so that I could in fact be prescribed the medication that my PCP agrees I need. Furthermore, my doctor tells me the live health dr could simply take a few minutes to look up the medication they wished to prescribe me instead of just dismissing my case. My doctor in my home state is not able to see me or prescribe medications while I’m traveling due to state licensing laws so I’m stuck without seeing a doctor until I get home. This is extremely frustrating. I was obviously pregnant for 9 months plus 11 months of breastfeeding (so far) making me essentially ineligible for this for 20+ months. There should be a way to communicate back to the live health doctor and if not then you should be able to dispute the visit.

Good concept lacks follow up

Experience with doctor was fine but when they don’t fill prescriptions like they are supposed to you are stuck. Good luck trying to get a hold of them the number is just a voicemail that says they will call you back in 15 min. My prescription was supposed to be filled 12 hours ago and haven’t gotten a single call back. Even the pharmacy called them and they refused to help.

LHO Mobile

Wonderful experience--so much better than going to urgent treatment center. Doctor was attentive & professional. I will definitely use this app again, if needed.


This was my first time using this app and provider. Dr. Wallace was amazing! I am so thankful for this option!

Thought it was great until.

I was excited, hey I just saw a physician online. No more waiting in a lobby. Was a great guy nice and provided nice information. I thought he was going to call in some medicine to the pharmacy. I get to the pharmacy and there is nothing for me. Now I can’t back in touch with anyone to find out why. There goes the money I spent to try and help me feel better. Thanks a lot.

Wonderful, Fast Care

I love using this service. It’s very easy to use and much faster than going to a clinic or waiting for a doctor’s appointment. I have used this 3-4 times now and every provider has been extremely friendly and helpful. My pharmacy gets the prescription quickly and I get a summary of the visit to share with my PCP. I am very happy with this app and even happier to not be sitting in a clinic with people being treated for the flu and risk catching it. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone

Quick and easy!

I was really disappointed when Franciscan told me I had to get checked out at urgent care for my UTI symptoms. However, I went back and chose a provider from the general Live Health Online section, and she was wonderful. I’m very familiar with these symptoms and the provider made it quick and simple to get my prescription. My insurance doesn’t cover this, but at $49 it’s a great value! Didn’t have to make a trip to the clinic and get exposed to other illnesses. Lifesaver.

Live online doctor. Easy app.

Today is my second day with vertigo. My doctor’s office said they could not offer advice on the phone. I would need to come in. But I can’t drive. I discovered we had this benefit through our health care plan. App was easy to download. Easy to establish account. The doctor listened to me to find out what was happening. I have my advice. All while horizontal at home. Very happy with the app and the medical service.


I have logged on to this app to try and reach a Dr. and for the last 2 hours all of the doctors are off line. ALL OF THEM. There is no way to be notified when a Dr. makes themselves available- so I just have to keep checking. It’s very frustrating when they say 24-7 and yet not one single doc is online.

Very Simple to Use

Easy to use, Doctor was very nice.


I had the flu and I was connected with a Dr immediately and was able to head right to my pharmacy to pick up prescription!

Great Experience

I hate going to a germ infested office when Im already sick and this is a good alternative. Cost is affordable which is a huge plus! Thank you.


I'm not a fan of long waits in offices filled with sick people when I find myself under the weather. Likewise, it's great not to leave home when ill to get some rest. This is truly a lifesaver for minor common medical needs.🤗

Awesome service

I was a little nervous to believe saving $450 on my visit would be wise. It was! We could show the doc what was wrong just like in an office. She was local also. This would have cost us so much more for strep throat at the clinic, actually $500 for a 5 min exam. So we will be using this for all our simple needs. Thank you so much.

Waste of time

The doctor shot me down by assuming the wrong symptoms and told me if I needed an antibiotic, she couldn't help. All I wanted was to be told if I was possibly contagious or not, and suggestions for how to calm my cough. She made sure I wasn't charged, but literally told me if I wanted an antibiotic, I was barking up the wrong tree. Way to ASSume, and NOT be helpful at all. I won't use this service again.


It maybe took 15 minuets to register, see doctor, and be done. I have used it twice so far and am still amazed how many people don’t know about it. You can stay at home, don’t have to make appointment, travel (and fight the traffic), sit in the doctors office and wait (and be exposed to other people and illnesses), and it’s cheaper than my normal copay. You FaceTime the doctor, describe your symptoms, they send prescription to your pharmacy, and text/email something saying you visited one of their doctors. You can use it for your kids as well. Great concept! I highly recommend using this app, especially for your minor colds/flu symptoms that just needs an antibiotic and/or steroids.

Shut in

Love this app and doctor. Very helpful.

A great option

On a snowy day when my PCP was not open this was a great way to see a doctor. It was quick, simple, and straightforward.

Great Service and Fast

I was nervous to use this app for medical care when I had UTI symptoms because I was sure they wouldn’t be able to treat without a urine test. The doctor was great, asked questions about my symptoms, and prescribed an appropriate antibiotic based on my history and condition. More affordable and much faster than urgent care!

Wow! The future is here!

This is a GREAT way to see a professional doctor without leaving your home. It is January and the temperature is in the single digits and windchill in the negative. This was so helpful to see a doctor so late at night and get the help you need. The doctor was professional, and to the point! I was wowed and will definitely do this again! No question about it. Try this new way to see a professional doctor in the comfort of your home!

Awesome experience

I had a bad toothache since Thursday and finally got an appointment with my dentist for Tuesday. Of course, the icy weather in Texas caused the dentist to cancel all appointments. I was desperately in pain so I decided to use this service. I AM SO GLAD I DID! The dr was understanding, listened to my symptoms and prescribed the antibiotics I needed. If I had known it would be so simple, I would have called sooner! This is definitely a new option for me when I can’t get in to see my doctor. Great experience. Now to brave the icy roads so I can pick up my prescription.

EXCELLENT App!! Literally was the BEST trip to the doc ever! LOL!!

I was somewhat apprehensive about using this online doc app, but wow have I been utterly amazed!! I literally logged in to the app and my son was seen by a physician in a total time of less than 10 minutes!! Dr.Charles Wallace was wonderful! He actually listened to my thoughts regarding my son’s diagnosis and he had an excellent bedside manner. I wish all docs were this great!!! Thank you so much!!!

The Best

I have used the app several times, including when I was traveling. Always a perfect experience. Also, with the flu epidemic going on now, I didn’t want to go to urgent care for a sinus infection and risk being exposed to the flu! Great alternative!

housecall easy

I felt too bad to drive an hour to see doctor.....this was like when my family doctor would come to our house when I was a child in the 60's.

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