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That easy, huh?

Wow, was this easy and convenient! This was a million times better than making an appointment with my regular doctor for some time in the future, driving there, dealing with the waiting room, sitting on the table with the butcher paper... instead i just logged in, picked a doctor from the list and got connected in seconds.

Dr Vincent Marino was great

I love this app. My doctors office is 40 minutes away. I saw Dr. Marino in the convenience of my own home. Dr. Marino was very patient and instructed me on what over-the-counter medicines to use for my sinus infection in addition to calling in my anabiotic. I will definitely use this app again and hopefully Dr. Marino will be available.

Great service

I was worried it would be awkward, but my Dr. Gerri Davis was friendly, knowledgeable, and good at communicating.

Great alternative

This is perfect for when you know what is wrong and do not want to pay ER visit or too sick to get out of bed.

Excellent excellent experience

Easy to use, quick registration and connection, prompt customer service for insurance questions, in-network coverage, very short wait, kind and knowledgeable and comprehensive Doctor. And peace of mind! Instant and wonderful. Didnt have to brave the cold winter or the flu-ridden urgent care clinic.

Snowed in

After the recent snowfall with a layer of ice underneath. The only thing I want to do was go to cvs to pick up rx not brave streets to go to doctor. This app helped me out quite a bit.

Really appreciate this ap

I dont usually write reviews. I have rapid strep tests at home that I use. Tested my child and it showed positive. Dang. Downloaded this ap. Put in my credit card. 5 min I was talking to a doctor. Showed him the test. He took a look in my childs throat. Asked a number of questions. Gave me some helpful advice and 10 min later the prescription was available for me. WOW and thank you.

So convenient!

Im a mom of a 9 month old, and moms dont get sick seeing a doctor via phone was incredibly easy and so much better than getting myself and baby ready and packing up to drive to the doctors office. The doctor I spoke to was very helpful and nice to talk to. I would highly recommend!


Saved us a trip to the ER on Christmas Day! Had a prescription ready in 15 min. Also much cheaper than any urgent care and ER visit.

Amazing and affordable!

Im so happy this app is available and its affordable see a doctor for minor ailments. Its such a joke to pay $200 for urgent care when all I need is antibiotics. This app is genius and so convenient. Love it!


Im a teacher. Ive been sick since the first day of winter break. I tried this on a whim and could not have been more pleased. I will definitely use this again!

Skeptical initially, so convienent

Going to the doctor has never been the most convenient thing to do, but now its even easier with the LHO App. In a matter of minutes after entering in information found in my health plan card, I was speaking to a doctor live. Within 15 minutes, I had. prescription called in and was on the road to recovery.

So easy!

I saw a doctor from my bed! No driving while sick and no waiting room! It was quick and I got the doctors full notes from the conversation. The fee was $49 up front, then whatever my insurance does (I have a crappy HSA so I dont know.)

Great experience!

I was reluctant to try this service, but today had a condition that seemed appropriate. The app and service were easy to use, I got to wait and see the doctor from the comfort of my own bed, and the attention and outcome were what I would have expected from an office visit. Overall a very good experience!

So wonderful

Today was my first time ever using an online doctor and it was unbelievably easy and effective. My prescription is ready for pickup and I didnt have to go to a germ infected urgent care and wait an hour or two. What a great service!

Super convenient

My doctor was very nice and helpful as well. Possibly the future of family medicine.

Skeptical, but awesome

I was skeptical of this, but this was really fast, easy, and helpful!

Love it

Really fast and easy to use. The doctor was very nice and explained everything. Works with my insurance so cheap too! Also, I like that my prescription will be sent straight to the pharmacy.

This service is a lifesaver!

Like most I was skeptical about this. But after one use, it has changed the way my children and I see the doctor. Living in a small town, it takes a small miracle to get an appointment with the local doctors office. And an all-day wait if we do get in. With LHO, my children see a doctor from home within minutes, and get excellent care and medication if necessary without having to spend the day in a waiting room. Cannot recommend highly enough. Each Doctor Ive seen has been kind, considerate and attentive to our needs. Love it.


This app is awesome! I have used this service twice and it is incredible!

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